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Interview with Priest from Latoya Ammons Exorcism


Originally seen on: http://catholictothemax.com/blog/the-pius-hipster/interview-with-rev-michael-maginot-exorcist/ An Extended Two and half-hour interview with Rev. Michael Maginot Rev Maginot at his nephew’s ordination to the priesthood that occurred ironically a week before the final exorcism.  This past week Catholic to the Max was granted ... Read More »

Begone Satan – Exorcism in Earling Iowa in 1928

What is listed below is a long read to say the least.  It is 44 pages long.  =)  Grab a cup of coffee and get in a good spot, because what you are about to read is going to blow ... Read More »

Need an Exorcism? Why Do People Call a Catholic Priest?

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post of the famous Exorcism that happened in Gary Indiana in 2012.  You can read about it here: The Exorcism of LaToya Ammons.  The part that intrigued me was when the woman tried ... Read More »

Terrifying Exorcism in Gary Indiana – Latoya Ammons

We’ve all heard of some pretty sensational stuff regarding exorcisms or demonically possessed people.  This case is terrifying to read and what is even more scary is that in one of the instances, a boy was seen walking backwards up ... Read More »

Pope Francis Consecrates Vatican to St. Michael the Archangel!

This week has been very interesting to say the least.  On July 5th Pope Francis accompanied by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI consecrated the Vatican to the protection of St. Michael the Archangel.  A few hours later Pope Francis released his ... Read More »

It All Began in the Garden – Adam & Eve

This is a talk my Mom gave yesterday at our Patricians meeting at St. John the Evangelist in Warrenton, VA.   When I was in the Seminary I had a professor named Dr. Haggerty who was one of the best ... Read More »

Devil Storm – Waging War

Yesterday when I chose the title of this blog I didn’t realize just how important its choosing was going to be until a few moments ago.  I wrote down this blog title and then went to work yesterday and had ... Read More »

Tell Me Lies…

Last week while on the way to work I stopped by Church for a short visit.  I brought in one of the books I have been reading called ‘The Discernment of the Spirits – An Ignation guide for everyday living”. ... Read More »

The Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success

Early in the morning of January 21, 1610, the Archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael appeared to Mother Mariana. Then Our Lady appeared to her and predicted many things about our own times: this is part of what ... Read More »

True Story behind ‘The Exorcist’ Movie

The Mount Rainier (Cottage City) Maryland Case THE NEWS BREAKS The Washington Post article in 1949 proclaims, “Priest Frees 14-Year-Old Boy Reported Held in Devil’s Grip.” Almost immediately the story was picked up by the other news services and magazines. Who ... Read More »

Evil is Faceless

In the aftermath of the Aurora shootings in Colorado, people from all around the world are trying to understand what happened and how James Holmes flew under the radar as a gentle soul (as the media is portraying him as ... Read More »

Nun of That!

Earlier this week I read an article in the news about vice president Biden (Catholic in name only and almost as great a Catholic as Pelosi) bringing ice cream to some ‘Nuns’ who were personal friends of his.  It was ... Read More »

Permission from Hell

I wanted to related a story with you that is coming up on its two-year anniversary.  On July 3, 2010 I was in Southwest Virginia visiting family and getting ready for a great 4th of July Party, I thought it ... Read More »

Tainted by Evil – Zombies, Vampires, & the Supernatural

What is the fascination with the demonic and supernatural? I remember as a kid that I thought it would be so cool to live forever.  Mom never allowed me to watch any scary movies or read bad books.  I have ... Read More »

Saved by St. Michael the Archangel – True Story

A few years ago I created a video on youtube retelling the story I grew to love that is retold every Christmas out at a Marine Corps. base in the Midwest since 1950.  Below the video is the story. This is ... Read More »

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