Life is Beautiful – Zach Sobiech

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Last night when I got home from work after a tough night, I turned on Netflix and watched the ending of “Into Great Silence”.  An aged blind Carthusian Monk was being interviewed on life and faith.  The Monk said he thanked God everyday for his blindness, because his blindness was obviously good for his soul and that is why God had allowed it to happen.  He said that every Christian should be happy, because a Christian is called to live a faith filled life devoted solely to Christ.  His last words to the camera were “Thank God for your current state in life, for your current sufferings, thank him for those sufferings because they are good for your soul and for your salvation”.  As the camera panned away to the window a quotation appeared on the screen “You have seduced me Lord and I was seduced”.

How beautiful.  Life is a gift and this young man exemplified life.

A few moments ago I saw an article about a young man who was suffering from cancer and who died on May 20th.  I began watching the video and was completely enthralled in this guys journey.  At the age of 14 he found out he had terminal cancer.  He lived his last days in complete joy and hope.  I of course shed a few tears.. what a touching film.  I just wanted to share this with you.  Please keep Zach Sobiech and his family in your prayers.  What a beautiful soul.

God Love & God Bless,


Michael Bowes discerned a vocation with a religious community for 1.5 yrs before discerning that he was not called to that particular order. After leaving the Monastic life, Michael returned to Northern Virginia where he attends St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Warrenton, Va. Michael is an aspiring writer and volunteers at his local hospital as a Chaplain.

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