Medjugorje Secret Video – Blessed Mother ‘Drops’ the Child Jesus

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Many years ago I came across a little known video online that was produced by Professor Louis Belanger.  The video contained footage of the visionaries in ecstasy.  One of the camera men decided to test out the veracity of the ecstasy and he jabbed his finger towards the eyes of one of the seers.  She seer is named as Vicka.  The video clearly shows Vicka recoiling from the finger jab and closing her eyes.  The cameraman was upset and disappointed.  He had hoped that the visions were real and this proved to him that they were not.  What shocked Louis & the camera crew was that Vicka came out of the chapel after the ‘vision’ to explain to him why she lurched during the ecstasy.  She told him that in the vision, the Blessed Mother almost dropped the child Jesus from her arms and Vicka was lurching forward to catch Jesus so he wouldn’t hit the floor and be injured.  That explanation shocked Louis and the rest of the film crew as it was one of the most ridiculous things they had ever heard.  To think.. that the Blessed Mother would ever ‘drop’ Our Lord on the floor.  Here is the video of the event and below the video is a link to Louis Belanger’s website documenting his 30+ year research on Medjugorje and the ‘Gospa’.  I encourage you to watch the video and read the site with an open mind, what is contained within will blow your mind.  Anyone who watches this video and still believes that Our Blessed Mother would drop Jesus and thinks these visions are authentic, needs their head Catholicism examined IMHO.

Click on this link to read: The Construction of the ‘Gospa’ & Medjugorje by Louis Belanger

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Michael Bowes discerned a vocation with a religious community for 1.5 yrs before discerning that he was not called to that particular order. After leaving the Monastic life, Michael returned to Northern Virginia where he attends St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Warrenton, Va. Michael is an aspiring writer and volunteers at his local hospital as a Chaplain.

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  1. Jill Cook

    This video has always really bothered me for the same reasons you point out here, Michael. What she said seemed very blasphemous to me. God bless you, Michael!


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