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Row Row Row Your Boat….

women bishops

Today was a monumental day for the Church of England. After years of oppression of the ladies.. the Church of England has finally upgraded them to a new level.  Today the Church of England passed a new law unanimously that will ... Read More »

Crucify Pope Francis!!

I just read an excellent post over at Fr. Z’s blog.  Right now the media is falling head over heels for Pope Francis and his humility.  But you will see as Fr. Z so well points out, the media will ... Read More »

Liberal Loons Protest Vatican

I just read a news article on Fox News about women across the globe that are protesting against the Vatican.  I had to read the article… I couldn’t help myself.  Upon opening the page it was just as I expected, ... Read More »

Pope Emeritus – Into the Desert

Dear Readers, (I would like to apologize for the delay in writing.  I have felt so uninspired to write anything for the past week.  After coming home from work tonight, I finally felt the needed inspiration to get my thoughts ... Read More »

Our Father Who Art… Holding Hands

Today while in Mass I got annoyed with the ‘hand holders'; those people who choose to hold each others hands during the Our Father and who at the end of the prayer raise up their hands a bit higher when ... Read More »

Communion in the Hand?

I know this will be a controversial post for many people, mostly those who do not know the true facts surrounding the origins of ‘Communion in the Hand’.  It is my hope that after reading this, anyone who currently receives ... Read More »

Pope Benedict TKO’s Gay Marriage

Despite their differences in faith, Pope Benedict and a leading French rabbi see eye to eye on at least one thing: gay marriage.  Pope Benedict, indicating the Vatican’s desire to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage, on Friday ... Read More »

How to Refute Atheism

I found a great apologetic’s course on how to engage and talk with Atheists.  This has greatly helped me in the past when I was confronted with a person calling themselves atheist and not realizing that they themselves really didn’t understand ... Read More »

Yoga & Christianity – More Than Meets the Eye

By Father John Flynn, LC ROME, NOV. 30, 2012 – The popularity of yoga and various forms of Eastern philosophies and meditation methods has grown enormously in recent years. Questions remain, however, as to what extent they are compatible with ... Read More »

Rise Up Ye Sisters!

Soon after waking up this morning, I was scrolling through my Catholic News sites and came across a disturbing article in the NY Times about a ‘Sister’ in the Congregation of St. Joseph who had written a song against the ... Read More »

The Top 3 Reasons Why Catholics MUST NOT Vote for Obama in 2012

Written by:  David L. Gray (David is an excellent Catholic writer that I just found tonight via google while doing research on this topic.  David hit the nail on the head.  If you get a chance, check out his blog!) [spacer ... Read More »

George Washington – Said No to Sodomites in Military

In the last 50 years our world has changed so much, faster than anytime in the written and oral history of mankind.  In these 50 years, our morals and understanding of moral deprivation and evil has taken a dramatic nose ... Read More »

Blood Splattered Nuclear Silos

Earlier tonight I saw a news article that caught my eye, the title ran as “Nun, 82, Allegedly Splashed Human Blood on Nuke Plant”.  You can guess my shock and disgust at seeing such a news article and of course ... Read More »

Hermit Predicts Medjugorje Decision

By Fr. George David Byers I’m still on retreat for another while, but I couldn’t resist putting this up. Although I’m on retreat, it happens that I was speaking at length to a Lebanese nun, though not by bilocation, though not ... Read More »

Nun of That!

Earlier this week I read an article in the news about vice president Biden (Catholic in name only and almost as great a Catholic as Pelosi) bringing ice cream to some ‘Nuns’ who were personal friends of his.  It was ... Read More »

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